Beef Butter BBQ

Mobile Restaurant for Weddings and Corporate Events

Vending Trailer

For parties 100 to 1,000.  Get authentic Texas BBQ.

Beef Butter BBQ can continuously smoke over 500 lbs. of delicious meats.  Fully licensed and insured as a stand alone mobile restaurant.

Texas Smoked Prime Beef Brisket

Beef Butter Brisket

We start with the highest quality: Prime Beef Brisket. You need that marble for the rich tender flavor. Why invest 12 hours of smoking anything but the best?

Sliced Smoked Brisket

Beef Butter Brisket

That's why we're called Beef Butter BBQ -- Meat so tender, you'll think it's butter. 

Customer Testimonials

Beef Butter Brisket

"Best brisket north of the Alamo, and you can quote me on that!" Sheila Y.

"If I was given a last meal request, I would request Beef Butter BBQ" 

Jeff B.

"Killer Brisket"  Dick S.

"Brisket was awesome" Keelie J.

Customer Testimonials

Smoked Wings

"I lived in Texas for over twenty years and have eaten at hundreds of barbecue joints all over the state.  They say you can tell good barbecue by the brisket.  Beef Butter BBQ's brisket is not only exceptional; it's as good as I've had. And, by the way, those chicken wings are dynamite." Tim C.

Customer Testimonials

Baby Back Ribs

"Excellent ribs, no fat, perfect sauce." Willy H.

"Perfect for your corporate, school and personal events...even weddings"  Bill T.

"Your rig is very impressive, and the food was excellent"  Don B.